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The worlds best excel financial modelling solution, that guarantees on time delivery, world class quality and 100% customer satisfaction for individuals, SME’s and large corporations.

Save time and get results


How would you like an industry experienced finance professional to design, craft and deliver your high quality finished product on time, every time?

Imagine being able to give your design brief to an expert with seasoned experience modelling excel, who not only understands your requirements, but also pays attention to how your model connects to the wider context of your business.

“We help growing businesses save time, add profit and eliminate stress by automating the processes that drain your energy”

An Excel Service Designed for Ultimate Value

You might be thinking, isn’t it better to work with a company that employs a large team of developers?

Sadly, many fall into this trap. Useful financial modelling with excel demands an understanding of the overall project goal and how it fits in to the bigger picture – connecting your business with automation and transparency so that you can save time and increase your bottom line.

You may have already experienced dissapointment with other projects. Usually, this happens when your service provider is not aligned with your needs or with your end goal in mind.

That is why we provide a free consultation to discuss your needs and provide impartial advice before going full throttle in delivering an effective solution.

What do you need in a model?

“The key lies in the balance of improving standardization, but also providing full flexibility.”

Long Lasting

Robust build

Have confidence in robust data structure and coding

Delegate easily with full documentation as backup

Great User Experience

Easy to use

Navigate with ease on your self-evident user interface

Custom designed to fit your taste, culture or brand

high performance

Saving you time

Optimized for speed in data structuring and formula writing

Automatic drill down capabilities and much more

Overall Context

Your end goal

We take into account your desired end result and how this gits in to the wider contect of your business.


data stored offline

Data is stored securely offline via hard drive and files are password protected for added security


Always here to help

Have your needs met from the start, to the finish, to long after your model has been supplied with aftercare support

“With myExcelGo, you are hiring the swiss-army knife of Excel expertise.”

Areas of Expertise

You will be assigned with a dedicated expert who is qualified in business and finance by experience, working within multi-million dollar organizations in  pioneering automation.

Dashboards and Scorecards

Imagine your dashboard including VISUAL tools, such as rev meters, thermometers, graphs and charts, automatic color coding for strong or weak performance, variance comparisons…and that’s just getting started. If you can imagine it, we can do it.

Scorecard metrics can be automatically calculated with no manual input (depending on the data feed).

Operational Reporting

Want to have direct visibility into spend tracking by department, sales by product line and customer,  progress in making savings, sales metrics, customer conversion rates (…and we could go on much further)?

You can be provided with all this and a lot more including KPI reporting and report integration with your bookkeeping or ERP system. You can be given real-time information at the click of a button. Our secret is working at the source – managing your data structure in a way that gives you operational insight into anything you identify as being important.

Management Accounts

How would you like to receive a model which not only shows your current profitability with top line reporting, but includes drill down funcitonality in the click of a button.

Your Management Accounts can be linked to other tools and processes for automatic updating. This includes metrics dashboards or an all-in-one forecast tool. We cover profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow financial accounts too. We can also provide business cases as naturally as you breath air.

Web Integration and Alert Services

You can receive a text message or email alert should a large order come in or a metric drop in performance…and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

We have access to an expert knowledgebase who can support in web integration services. At times, a custom built web interface could be the way forward with database alert management set up to save you time in opening and reading reports.

Forecasting and Budgeting

What do you do when you need to explain variances against last forecast, last quarter, last year and budget for actuals, but also for your latest best estimate? Meet the most POWERFUL forecasting approach. We combine all forecasts into one model and can also provide you with a recommended LEAN process to help you keep on top of your figures.

We cover metrics, profit and loss, balance sheet and free cash flow forecasting.

Sharepoint Reporting

Save time by loading sharepoint data direct from Excel or get Sharepoint information instantly simply by clicking “Refresh” on your spreadsheet. This can then be automatically fed into another Excel report.

We can integrate Sharepoint into your operational reporitng with ease and in no time at all. We have implemented processes such as expense reporting Sharpeoint systems all the way up to data feeds with full modelling integration in Excel.

Macro's and VBA

How you would you like your Excel model to have the kind of funcitonality that makes it feel like your own custom software? You can have userforms, message boxes, alerts and so much more when bringing in the use of VBA.

We also edit or check existing code should you need help debugging any existing reports you may have.


You might feel like you need to speak with an expert who really knows their stuff and can guide you seamlessly to the right solution for your needs. Don’t worry, you are in good hands and we pride ourselves in being great communicators.

Remember, you can speak with us for free on your first call. Why not book an appointment now?

Why should I choose myExcelGo?


World Class Expertise

Your dedicated developer will have 5+ years industry experience in working with excel and linking this to the overall context of your finance, operations and reporting requirements.


Zero Risk

Aside from our guarantee, all projects start with a free call to discuss your needs and provide you with expert guidance at no cost to you. You have nothing to lose by speaking with us.


High Quality and Speed of Delivery

We guarantee lead times and work with a sense of urgency to get you results in as little time as possible with a high quality output in efficiency and reliability.


Security Guarantee

Your data will not be shared with others or stored online. All data is stored locally on a password protected hardrive.

What do I get?

Set up your free no obligation appointment. You will be met with a helpful and friendly expert who will see your project through start to finish.

More complex projects have milestone checkpoints. This is where we check that your are 100% satisfied with our progress. This ensures we remain aligned with your vision and add value at every step of the way.

Upon completion and aside from receiving direct training, you will be handed full documentation in the form of a private video which only you can access. This will instruct you on how to use your new solution.

After you receive your final product, we will be available to make any minor changes free of charge and also ensure that any snags (should these ever appear) are also corrected. This way you never have to worry about being unable to use your finished product. We are here to support you in all your reporting endevours.

We will work with your vendors or co-workers where necessary. Remember, you are working with someone who is commercially experienced and able to take as much burden off of your shoulders as you are willing to give.


We look forward to doing great things with you
anywhere in the world.


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